Olex distributes relevant hardware from various manufacturers. Before delivery from us, the equipment is configured and tested to be compatible with our software. Hardware provided by Olex should therefore not be modyfied. Upgrading the Firmware, BIOS or other changes to the equipment may cause it to lose its Olex compatibility and should never be done unless advised by Olex AS.

9-36V industrial PC

Compact fanless industrial machine that can be mounted both horizontally and vertically, on the wall or under the control console.


Underwater positioning system consisting of a small sonar mounted on the boat and one or more tags attached to underwater objects


Sound Velocity Probe for measuring sound velocity, temperature, pressure, salt content, etc.

Opto-coupler for NMEA-signals

An opto-isolator is an electronic component that transmits electrical signals using light, insulating the circuit for harmful voltages.