Download files and software


Latest version of Olex - Free software upgrade! - also for Lino-installations - Download ISO-image 1.6 GB
Olex depth database - Go to download and coverage overiew

URL lists for weather forecasts
! Right click and choose "Save link as".

Spatial configuration
Spatial config file February 18th 2021- modern style with heading from Olex (recommended) - Download file
Spatial config file October 12 2018 - original style with antenna and magnetic heading - Download file

Atec Firmware
Firmware for Atec version 4.4.147. Download all the files, copy them to a USB stick. In the Olex file browser, select all the files and upgrade the sonar - Download files

Olex English - Download PDF
Olex Norwegian - Download PDF
Olex Chinese - Download PDF
Olex Korean - Download PDF
Atec Multibeam English - Download PDF

User manuals in PDF format
English user manual - Download PDF
Russian user manual (Unofficial) - Download PDF
Spanish user manual (Unofficial) - Download PDF


Fedora Media Writer - recommended application for creating a bootable USB-stick - Download installation file (.exe). 23.5 MB
CentOS 8.3 Auto-installer - for new installs on all systems - Download ISO image, 8.7 GB.
Scientific Linux 7.6 Auto-installer - for reinstalls on older systems - Download ISO image, 7.9 GB.
Scientific Linux 6.9 Auto-installer - for reinstalls on still older systems - Download ISO image, 5.0 GB.
Why use old Linux for old systems? In case you want to retain existing filesystems, older Linux may have less demands on the size of / and such. It makes sense to use the same OS as originally. Beware that older Linux may not have modern stuff like VNC.

Installation guides
Guide for CentOS 8.3 Auto-installer - Install a new system - Download PDF
Guide for SL7.6 Auto-installer - Install a new system - Download PDF
Guide for SL6.9 Auto-installer - Install a new system - Download PDF
Guide for SL6.9 Auto-installer - Re-install while keeping the home partition - Download PDF

Other technical guides
How to enable the firewall on older Olex installations, before connecting to the Internet - Download PDF
"An error occured during file system check, Dropping you to a shell..."
How to execute a manual file system check if this message appears at boot up.Download PDF
Badblocks - How to check a hard drive for any bad sectors - Download PDF
Keyboard Layout configuration (Works for Scientific Linux 6.9 and older)- Download PDF
Olex M1 BIOS settings - Download PDF
Keyboard shortcuts for various functions in Olex - Download PDF