Download files and software


Latest version of Olex - Free software upgrade! - also for Lino-installations - Download ISO-image 1.6 GB
Olex depth database - Go to download and coverage overiew

URL lists for weather forecasts
! Right click and choose "Save link as".

Spatial configuration
Latest Spatial config file June 1st 2021 - for use with Olex 14.10 or later, communicating over the USB connector. The sensor is to be mounted on a vertical alongship bulkhead with cables pointing forward and the top towards starboard. Other orientations can be configured with the Spatial config tool. The antenna need to be connected, but is only used for acquiring time from GPS, so antenna placement is not critical. Olex needs its own GPS and heading, and feed these to Spatial for augmentation.
Download file
Spatial config file February 18th 2021- modern style with heading from Olex - Download file
Spatial config file October 12 2018 - original style with antenna and magnetic heading - Download file

Atec Firmware
Firmware for Atec 400 version 4.4.147. Download all the files, copy them to a USB stick. In the Olex file browser, select all the files and upgrade the sonar - Download files

Olex English - Download PDF
Olex Norwegian - Download PDF
Olex Chinese - Download PDF
Olex Korean - Download PDF
Atec Multibeam English - Download PDF

User manuals in PDF format
English user manual - Download PDF
Russian user manual (Unofficial) - Download PDF
Spanish user manual (Unofficial) - Download PDF


Fedora Media Writer - recommended application for creating a bootable USB-stick - Download installation file (.exe). 23.5 MB
CentOS 8.3 Auto-installer - for new installs on all systems - Download ISO image, 8.7 GB.
Scientific Linux 7.6 Auto-installer - for reinstalls on older systems - Download ISO image, 7.9 GB.
Scientific Linux 6.9 Auto-installer - for reinstalls on still older systems - Download ISO image, 5.0 GB.
Why use old Linux for old systems? In case you want to retain existing filesystems, older Linux may have less demands on the size of / and such. It makes sense to use the same OS as originally. Beware that older Linux may not have modern stuff like VNC.

Installation guides
Guide for CentOS 8.3 Auto-installer - Install a new system - Download PDF
Guide for SL7.6 Auto-installer - Install a new system - Download PDF
Guide for SL6.9 Auto-installer - Install a new system - Download PDF
Guide for SL6.9 Auto-installer - Re-install while keeping the home partition - Download PDF

Other technical guides
How to enable the firewall on older Olex installations, before connecting to the Internet - Download PDF
"An error occured during file system check, Dropping you to a shell..."
How to execute a manual file system check if this message appears at boot up.Download PDF
Badblocks - How to check a hard drive for any bad sectors - Download PDF
Keyboard Layout configuration (Works for Scientific Linux 6.9 and older)- Download PDF
Olex M1 BIOS settings - Download PDF
Keyboard shortcuts for various functions in Olex - Download PDF