Subsonus & Tag

Olex versjon 12.0 introduced support for Subsonus from Advanced Navigation. Subsonus is an underwater positioning system, consisting of a small sonar mounted on the boat, and transponders attached to underwater objects like fishing gear, anchors, ROV or divers. Olex need software module UP, to decode the information from Subsonus. Each transponder or "Tag" has their own unique number, which are entered in the Olex, to independently communicate their bearing, pitch, roll tilt and heading to the sonar. The Tags are shown in Olex in 2D og 3D, and can be tracked with their own track lines. Olex derives the tilt of a Tag from its roll and pitch; one can set a tilt limit, defining that when it is surpassed the Tag (and thus the fishing gear) is sitting on the bottom. Once such bottom contact is reached, ie the Tag is lying flat on the bottom instead of hanging more upright, Olex starts to refine the position of an event mark in such a way that the 10 nearest observations are averaged together to a better, more accurate, position.