BarentsWatch consists of an open information system with services for end users, presented in the portal In addition, a shielded monitoring system is under development which will contribute to the efficiency of operational efforts. These services together constitute the BarentsWatch programme. A programme that provides the basis for better cooperation, professional development and sharing of information, both for public agencies, trade and industry, and the public. By collecting and sharing existing data, BarentsWatch create systems such as The Shared Resources Register and services such as the nationwide Wave Forecast. Ten ministries and 29 administrative agencies and research institutes are our partners. The office is situated in Tromsø, and the actual development work is carried out by commercial suppliers through public procurement. BarentsWatch is subject to the Ministry of Transport and Communications, and the Norwegian Coastal Administration is responsible for the implementation of the programme. This is done through the Norwegian Coastal Administration's "Centre for the Sharing of Sea and Coast Information" (The BarentsWatch Centre).