TRIPOS - Position and attitude system

Tripos is an attitude system, developed by Olex to provide exact position, height, roll, pitch and heading. Tripos uses three GPS antennas and two GPS receivers, connected by ethernet. The antennas can be mounted anywhere on the boat, as long as they form a triangle with mutual dimensions as large as possible.

Tripos is used internally by Olex for singlebeam mapping with HGPS, and multibeam mapping using Atec 400 or WASSP. Tripos does not output data from the Olex, and thus can not be used for correction of systems outside Olex

A well mounted Tripos can provide accuracy as good as 0,05 degrees RMS in roll, pitch and heading. Using RTK, accuracy of 1 cm in position and 2 cm in height can be acheived.

A complete delivery of a standard Tripos system from Olex may consist of the following hardware and software:

1 pc Trimble BX982 (-07) GNSS receiver for position

1 pc Trimble BX982 (-03) GNSS receiver for attitude

3 pc antennas, GA830

3 pc antenna cables, GNSS, TNC/TNC, RG-58, 10 meter

1 pc TRIPOS software module for Olex

Also required: NTRIP- or Marinestar subscription, and onboard internet when using NTRIP.

The Marinestar solution provide accuracy of 10 cm in position and 15 cm in height.

NMEA-signals from each GPS is transferred via two serial cables to the multibeam sonar, or to Olex if used with HGPS. The system is self-configuring, the antennas should not be manually surveyed. Distances and angles is recorded when "Reset all" is pressed, and confirmed, on the Olex Tripos window. The same window is used for setting corrections and offsets for roll, pitch and heading. Pitch and roll offsets can be found by multibeam sea trials. In case of any future changes to antenna placement the reset can easily be repeated.