Olex AIS software give full overview of all nearby vessels

AIS - Automatic Identification System

AIS is an automatic identification system which uses the VHF band for transmitting and receiving data from other ships.

If Olex have an AIS-receiver connected, and the AIS software module installed, all vessels, with AIS, within radio range will appear on screen. The AIS targets will display as trangular boat symbols with their names an MMSI numbers depenting on what they are transmitting.

A click on the AIS meny brings up a list over AIS targets sorted by distance from own ship, or alphabetic by name. From the same meny one can view more infor about selected vessels, send text messages or configure own ships AIS setup.

It is also possible to send and receive sea flor data from other vessels via AIS, and cooperate in creating a sea floor map which will apperar on both screens as the suvey progresses.