Marine charting and navigation

Olex version 12.0

New! Supports Subsonus from Advanced Navigation. This is a system to trace underwater transponders. They are put on drones, anchors, divers, fishing gear etc. There is also a small sonar under the boat. Olex will then show the transponders in 2D and 3D! Update rate are up to 1.3 seconds. Max range 1000 meters. The transponders are depth rated to 2000 meters. Battery life is up to 18 months.

Subsonus lets you see exactly where your fishing gear is. Keep tab on divers. Place anchors correctly in relation to bottom snags. See where your trawl doors are, including their spread.

Subsonus is bought from our dealers.

Other improvements in Olex 12.0 are C-MAP via ChartWorld, new drawing functions, and various bug fixes.

Complete version history

Atec version 4.4.147 - Latest firmware for Atec.