Marine charting and navigation

Olex version 10.2

Brand new weather system: downloads GRIB files from Internet, with wind, currents, waves and air pressure, and shows the forecast for now, or hours into the future, or how the weather will be when the ship passes various positions.

Also supports downloading of plotter data, like from Barentswatch.

The weather and downloading system is enabled by a new GRIB nokkel, which costs the same as our AIS nokkel.

Other improvements are faster zooming and panonering, AIS over Internet, better marine charts from NGU, Atec improvements etc.

The weather is shown through the "Weather forecast" button on the main Settings menu.

Note that versions 10.0 and 10.1 had some bugs. These are fixed in 10.2. Thanks to Henrik B. Skovmose!

URLs that downloads sample Atlantic weather. Install them by loading the file through the file browser.

Complete version history

Atec version 4.4.147

Latest firmware for Atec.