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Iso file, for easy reading via USB memory device.

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User Manuals

English user manual version 7.31 - PDF-format.

Russian user manual, version 7.31 (Unofficial) - PDF-format.

Spanish user manual, version 4.1 (Unofficial) - PDF-format.

Technical manual for AEC-6637, which is similar to the M3-computer - PDF-format.


Olex English - PDF

Olex Norwegian - PDF

Olex Chinese - PDF

Olex Korean - PDF

Atec 400  English - PDF


Olex software, also to be used for Lino installations.

Scientific Linux 6.9 - ISO-image, 5.4 GB.

Scientific Linux 6.8 - ISO-image, 5.3 GB.

Scientific Linux 6.5 - DVD-image.

Older Linux versions.

Xtide2- the software used for tide calculation developed by David Flater.

Technical guides

Installation guide for Scientific Linux 6 and Olex

Installation guides for older Linux versions.

An error occured during file system check... (PDF)
How to execute a file system check if this message appears at boot up.

Badblocks - How to check a hard drive for bad sectors (PDF)

Reinstall Linux while keeping the home partition (PDF)
How to reinstall the computer's operating system while keeping the home partition, with Olex software and user data, intact.

Keyboard Layout configuration (PDF).

Olex M1 BIOS settings (PDF)

Keyboard shortcuts for various functions in Olex (PDF)